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The Company Reely Industrial is a 100% Export Oriented Manufacturer of High Fashion/Fashionable Garments. The Main Strength of the Company is the Production of Superior Quality Products and the Offering of Them at Highly Competitive Prices. We are known for Our Commitment to Deliver Goods Safely on Time. Our Expertise enables us to Offer Quality Services to Our Clients as We Understand the Market Trends and Customer Needs from the Customer's Point of View. We Maintain Open Communication with Our Clients thus there are No Minute Changes Which Ultimately Lead to The Consignment Being Dispatched on Time. We Maintain Systematic Quality Control to Maintain International Standards. Our High Level of Commitment Towards Customer Satisfaction has Made Us A Leading Name in the Fashion Garment Industry. We Strive to Maintain This Positioning By Way of Creating Innovative and Highly Fashionable/Fashionable Garments.

Why Choose Us

Professional Expertise

With 16 years of industry experience, our team comprises over 100 skilled workers, each boasting more than 20 years of expertise in their respective fields.

Expert Team

Our team includes seasoned designers who consistently drive innovation, ensuring our products are not only user-friendly but also embody the latest advancements.

After-Sales Excellence

Our dedicated after-sales team is committed to delivering personalized and robust support services, providing you with worry-free post-purchase support.

Product Diversity

We provide a diverse product range, ensuring comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific needs.




Slimming Sexy Swimsuits

What is Swimwear


Swimwear is a kind of clothing specially designed for activities such as swimming and sunbathing, including one-piece swimsuits, bikinis, swimming trunks, and other styles. Made of quick-drying and waterproof materials, it is both practical and beautiful and is suitable for different preferences and Body types offer choices. A popular choice for beachgoers and those involved in water activities, it combines functionality with style and adapts to changing trends in entertainment and leisure environments.

The Characteristics of Swimwear



Quick-Drying Materials

Typically made from materials that have a quick-drying property, ensuring that the fabric does not retain excessive water. This feature enhances comfort for the wearer, especially during activities like swimming.


Chlorine and Saltwater Resistance

Materials are chosen for their resistance to chlorine in pool water and salt in seawater. This resistance helps prevent damage to the fabric, maintaining the quality and longevity of the despite exposure to these elements.


Appropriate Coverage

Designed to strike a balance between providing sufficient coverage and allowing freedom of movement. Different styles, such as one-piece swimsuits, bikinis, and trunks, offer varying levels of coverage to cater to individual preferences.


Functionality and Fashion

While meeting practical needs, is also a fashion statement. Designers create diverse styles and patterns to keep up with fashion trends, ensuring that individuals can express their style while engaging in water-related activities.


Elasticity and Stretch

Fabrics often incorporate elasticity and stretch to provide a snug yet flexible fit. This ensures that the swimwear stays in place during movement and allows for comfortable activities such as swimming and sunbathing.


UV Protection

Many modern swimwear materials are designed to offer some level of UV protection, helping to shield the skin from the harmful effects of the sun's ultraviolet rays. This feature is particularly important for individuals spending extended periods in the sun.



Swimwear fabrics are often treated to maintain colorfastness, ensuring that exposure to sunlight, chlorine, and saltwater does not cause significant fading. This helps to preserve the vibrant and attractive appearance of the over time.


Quick-Emergency Release

Some swimwear, especially in competitive or training settings, may feature quick-release mechanisms for easy removal. This is particularly important for athletes who need to change quickly for competitions or training sessions.

material of product


Polyester is a synthetic fabric commonly used in swimwear for its resistance to chlorine and UV rays. It offers good shape retention, ensuring that the swimwear maintains its form even with regular exposure to pool chemicals and sunlight. Polyester swimsuits are known for their longevity and colorfastness.


Similar to spandex, Lycra is a brand name for elastane fibers. Lycra-infused swimwear provides excellent stretch and recovery, allowing the garment to retain its shape after stretching. This material is often integrated into swimwear to enhance comfort and ensure a secure fit.



Spandex (Elastane)

Known for its exceptional elasticity, spandex, or elastane, is often blended with other fabrics in swimwear to enhance stretch and flexibility. This material allows for a snug fit, ensuring the swimwear stays in place during activities. Spandex is a key component in many modern swimsuits, providing the necessary stretch for comfort and movement.


Derived from synthetic polymers, nylon is a popular material for swimwear due to its excellent durability and quick-drying properties. Nylon swimsuits are known for their stretchability, providing a comfortable and form-fitting experience. The material is resistant to wrinkles and fading, making it a reliable choice for various swimwear styles.


parameters of Product


Parameter Details
Fabric Cotton, Spandex, Polyester, Blends, Microfiber, etc.
Color Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Black, White, Gray, etc.
Features Breathable, Quick Dry.
Customization Logo and Name Number Printing with Heat Transfer Printing.
MOQ 10 pieces.
Service OEM & ODM.
advantages of Product

Waterproof Swimwear For Men


Quick-Drying Properties

Is designed with materials like nylon, polyester, and microfiber, known for their quick-drying capabilities. This feature ensures that the garment dries rapidly after exposure to water, enhancing comfort and preventing discomfort caused by prolonged wetness.



Many swimwear fabrics, such as nylon and polyester, are chosen for their durability. They withstand the rigors of various water environments, including exposure to chlorine in pools and saltwater in the ocean, ensuring the longevity of the swimwear.

Womens Bathers Plus Size

Womens Halter Bikini


Stretch and Flexibility

Incorporating materials like spandex and Lycra, swimwear offers excellent stretch and flexibility. This allows for a snug and comfortable fit, accommodating a wide range of body movements during activities like swimming, diving, and beach sports.


Resistance to Chlorine and UV Rays

Swimwear materials, particularly polyester and polyamide, are resistant to the damaging effects of chlorine and UV rays. This resistance ensures that the swimwear maintains its color, shape, and structural integrity even with regular exposure to pool chemicals and sunlight.

Kid Swimwear





Types of Swimwear


1. One-Piece Swimsuit

A single garment that covers the torso and may include various necklines, back styles, and cuts. One-piece swimsuits are often chosen for more modest coverage.

2. Bikini

A two-piece swimsuit consisting of a separate top and bottom. Bikinis come in various styles, including triangle, bandeau, and halter tops, paired with different bottom cuts such as classic, high-waisted, or string.

3. Tankini

A two-piece swimsuit with a tank top or tank-style top that covers the torso. Tankinis offer more coverage than a traditional bikini while still providing the convenience of a two-piece suit.

4. Monokini

A hybrid between a one-piece and a bikini, the monokini features cutouts or openings on the sides, front, or back, creating a more revealing look while maintaining some coverage.

5. Swim Trunks

Typically worn by men, swim trunks are loose-fitting shorts designed for swimming. They come in various lengths and styles, from board shorts to more fitted options.

6. Rash Guard

Originally designed for surfers, a rash guard is a tight-fitting shirt made of stretchy, quick-drying fabric that provides sun protection and reduces skin irritation from rubbing against surfboards.

7. Swim Briefs

Also known as swim briefs or speedos, these form-fitting, brief-style swim bottoms are commonly worn by men for competitive swimming and recreational activities.

8. Boardshorts

Longer, knee-length swim shorts are often worn by both men and women. Boardshorts are popular for water sports like surfing and are known for their quick-drying and durable materials.

9. Cover-Up

Not a swimsuit per se, but often paired with swimwear, a cover-up is a loose garment worn over a swimsuit for modesty or sun protection when not in the water. Cover-ups come in various styles, including dresses, tunics, and sarongs.

10. Cut-Out Swimsuit

Swimsuits with strategic cut-outs, which can be located on the sides, front, or back, adding a stylish and sometimes daring element to the design.

Production Process

Design and Planning: The process begins with the conceptualization of designs based on market trends and your preferences. Our design and planning team collaborates to create innovative and appealing products.


Material Sourcing: We meticulously select and source high-quality materials required for production. This includes fabrics, trims, and any additional components necessary for crafting our products.


Manufacturing: In our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, skilled personnel utilize cutting-edge technology to bring the designs to life. Our production team ensures precision and attention to detail at every step of the manufacturing process.


Quality Control: Rigorous quality control measures are implemented to assess the products at various stages of production. This includes thorough inspections of materials, components, and finished goods to maintain our commitment to excellence.


Packaging and Shipping: Once the products pass our stringent quality checks, they move to the packaging stage. Each item is carefully packaged to preserve its quality. Our efficient logistics team then handles the shipping process to deliver the finished products to you.

Production Process


Our Certificate


Reely holds certifications such as ISO and BSCI, demonstrating the company's commitment to adhering to international standards and ethical business practices. The ISO certification reflects Reely's dedication to maintaining high-quality management systems, while the BSCI certification signifies the brand's commitment to responsible and sustainable business practices throughout its supply chain. These certifications underscore Reely's commitment to excellence, social responsibility, and the overall quality of its products and operations.




Our Factory


Xiamen Reely Industrial Co. Ltd is based in Fujian, China. All of our manufacturing is done in Fujian, China. We are a full-service swimwear, athletic, and lingerie wear manufacturing, and sourcing company, with access to state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled personnel. We specialize in producing private-label sportswear, private-label swimwear, private-label bikinis, private-label yoga wear, athleisure garments, board shorts, rash guards, and other apparel for the activewear segment. We also work with fabric mills that are GOTS certified & OEKO-TEX 100 certified and have passed Disney standard inspections to be safe for human use and using organic manufacturing practices.





Q: How to get a sample? 

A:  1) If you need to check the quality and workmanship of our existing samples before placing an order, we would like to offer a piece free sample for your evaluation, with shipping cost paid by your side.
2) If you request your design sample, you need to afford the sample charge and shipping fee. After you place a formal order, the sample fee will be returned to you.

Q: Can you make our design?

A:  Yes, we have our design team, and we're glad to provide the sample for you.

Q: How to pay sample charges? sample lead time?

A:  You can pay to our company Bank account or Paypal. When we receive the sample fee, we will arrange the samples for you. The fitting sample lead time is 5-7 days, salesman sample lead time is around 25-30 days.

Q: Is your product good quality?

A:  The quality depends on the price, we have thousands of products, and we can offer the quality that you demand.

Q: The price shown on your website is the exact price?

A: The website prices are for reference, the exact price is based on materials, quantities, and item package details. So when you inquiring, please kindly share these detailed requirements with us.

Q: Can I have my logo or private label to be sewn on your products or the packages?

A: Sure. Just send us the artwork. We also accept customized orders according to the original sample or manuscript you share with us.

Q: What is the delivery time?

A: The mass production lead time is around 25-40 working days after the confirmed PPS (pre-production sample). It depends on the total quantity and styles you order.

Q: What is your shipping way?

A:  By sea, by air or by express are all available. It depends on the quantity of order.

Q: What is the OEM procedure?

A:  Making Sample - Place Orders - Bulk - Inspection - Shipment Based on the artwork or techpack provided by the customer, the factory will make a Counter Sample for approval first. Bulk only can be processed once the sample is approved. Mass production will follow approved samples and confirmed packaging requirements. Once the final inspection is passed, the cargo can be shipped accordingly.
Q: Are the materials used in the skin-friendly?

Q: Are the materials used in the skin-friendly?

A:  Yes, we prioritize your comfort and safety. Our products use GOTS-certified and OEKO-TEX 100-certified fabrics, ensuring they are safe for human use and manufactured using organic practices.

We're well-known as one of the leading swimwear manufacturers in China for our quality products and good service. Please feel free to wholesale bulk swimwear made in China here from our factory.